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NSF Certified for Sport®


Power to Power Through 

Brain Support

Think Clearly*

Muscle Recovery

Bounce Back Quicker*


Find the Rest Your Body Needs*

Daily Edge

Stay in The Game 

Push Farther

Be Your Best — How CBD Can Help 

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Official CBD of MLB


Serving the players and fans of Major League Baseball™— on the field and in the six inches between the ears where the game is played.


Official CBD of Premier Lacrosse League


The PLL + ReCreate™ are dedicated to supporting the mental and physical recovery of their world-class athletes.


What People Are Saying

"Amazing! I'm a chef for pro athletes so everything I use has to be NSF certified for Sport. Excited to see your new product..."



"You guys have the best CBD!" 





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Official CBD of MLB

ReCreate™ is pioneering a new category for the nation’s first professional sports league.