As ReCreators, we're big fans of big league baseball. We've been watching all season and are psyched to root on the teams as they battle it out till November.

Our Media Director, Rich Herrera, also happens to be baseball's No. 1 fan. If you're not sure who to root for as we go into the playoffs, Rich has a scorecard to get you started.
Being a baseball fan isn’t easy; you wait all off-season for spring training while you dream of faraway places like Scottsdale and Ft. Myers.  You learn the names and faces of new players on your team, and you wait for the umpire to yell “Play Ball” on opening day.  Even the best team in baseball can lose 60 times a year.  You will watch your team play 1,500 innings and make over 4,500 heartbreaking outs.  We hang on every pitch for six months just for the chance to see your team in the postseason.  Thirty teams dream of playing in October, but only twelve have the privilege of playing under the pressure of postseason baseball.  To be a baseball fan, you need ENDURANCE to get through 162 games; you need REST to get you from an extra-inning night game so you can be your best for noon first pitch the next day.  You need MUSCLE RECOVERY to get you through a 14-game home stand in July, and you need BRAIN SUPPORT to stay locked in during the dog days of summer.  Congratulations to the twelve teams that have made the postseason, and here is why we are proud to root for your team to win the World Series this year because we think you deserve it.   
Arizona Diamondbacks – As the DBacks celebrate 25 years in baseball in the desert, we look at some of the great moments in baseball and Gonzo driving in the winning run back in 2001 to win the World Series.  If you have never seen a game in Phoenix, their legends race is so much fun. Plus, we want to see the players celebrate in the outfield swimming pool.   
Miami Marlins – There are great baseball fans in South Florida, and Miami already has two trophies in their possession, but they have had so many up-and-down years it’s been tough.  This team was resilient down the stretch and willed themselves to the playoffs, so Let’s Go Marlins.   
Philadelphia Phillies – The most passionate sports fans live in Philly.  They love their team and live and die on every pitch.  When Citizen Bank Park gets rocking, the real 10th man can make a difference.  Plus, for our money after a hot dog, you can’t go wrong with a Philly Cheese Steak in October, can you? 
Milwaukee Brewers – The Brewers are one of the teams you can’t hate. Their fans are great and some of the nicest people in the world.  They were the originators of the in-game races, and we must admit it would be awesome to run in the sausage race, wouldn’t it?  If you are taking food, the bratwurst in Milwaukee is worth the price of a ticket to the game.   
Los Angeles Dodgers – Even San Francisco Giants fans must admit they like two things about the Dodgers: their stadium and hot dogs.  Dodger Stadium is as close to heaven as you can find on earth.  The perfect combination of timeless elegance and modern amenities coexist in perfect harmony.  Humphry Bogart once said, “A hot dog at the ballpark is better than a steak at the Ritz.”  He must have been talking about Dodger Dogs with their perfect diagonal grill marks that are the standard every other hot dog is measured.   

Atlanta Braves – No team deserves additional trophies more than the Braves. They have been the best franchise in baseball for decades and have two rings to show for it.  Baseball is a cruel game where the best team doesn’t necessarily win. So let's add a ring or two or three for the Braves, they deserve it.  
Toronto Blue Jays – The Blue Jays play for not just the city of Toronto. They play for an entire nation.  Going to a Blue Jays game is unique, even if you stay in the States and visit them in Dunedin during spring training.  They sing OK Blue Jays with all the lust of American fans belting, “Take me out the ball game.” Let’s Go Jays! 
Texas Rangers – For people who say in Texas there are two seasons, Football Season and Football preseason, they haven’t been to a Rangers playoff game.  From the team playing the theme from The Natural repeatedly at their old ballpark in Arlington to their new state-of-the-art yard, everything is bigger in Texas, so let’s see them win it all this year.   
Tampa Bay Rays – Some have said it is one of America's most disliked ballparks, but don’t knock it until you have been there. The Fan Hosts are the best in baseball, the food is excellent, and the Rays tank in Centerfield is a treat for everyone.  They are consistently overmatched in the AL East but manage to compete.  America loves an underdog, so let’s root root for the Rays to win it all.   
Minnesota Twins – When discussing fantastic fans, you must mention our friends up North.  They are snowbound during the off-season and can’t wait to pilgrimage to Florida for some sun.  They brave an opening day that is likely not to be a rain out but a snow out.  Nothing would keep them warm all winter than a new World Series Championship Hoodie when it gets 15 below in January.   
Houston Astros – Houston fans have heard it all during their recent success, and last year quieted some of the haters around baseball.  The manager is the most respected man in the game and has handled everything with nothing but class.   I don’t know about you, but I always root for Dusty, and I would love to see him win another World Series win.  
Baltimore Orioles – Baseball owes so much of its success to Baltimore.  When Cal broke the streak, it brought fans back to the ballpark as he made history when baseball needed it most. Baltimore’s ballpark led the way for every other ballpark built in America since then.  It’s been 40 years since the O’s won; they are due, so Let's Go, Birdland!