Welcome to a new day, a new chance, another opportunity to tackle what life throws at you. Today's topic is how out how to handle stress at work. Yes, not just handle, but conquer it.  

Picture this: long hours, constant changes around you, looming deadlines, alterations to your duties, and let's not underestimate the pressure of job insecurity. All these are little grains of sand building the castle of work-related stress. Toss in elements of a toxic workplace - overworking, bullying, poor communication, office drama, and managerial tyranny, it seems like a sandstorm waiting to happen, right? 

But here's the kicker - you've got what it takes to weather through this storm. Read on to discover how to stay calm and handle stress at work. 

Know What is Under Your Control


First, control what you can, and do not worry about what you cannot control. This is a key concept to approaching life and comes from the ancient Stoic philosophers.  


One Thing at a Time 


Next, prioritize. You can't do everything at once. Break down those hefty tasks into manageable chunks. Like eating an elephant, one bite at a time, they say. 

Take Breaks 


Remember, you're not a robot. Take breaks. This is one of the best ways to manage your workload to avoid having to handle stress at work. It's a productivity boost, can support emotional equilibrium, and your ticket to nailing the game. Let the clock be your pause-point guide, anywhere between every 25 and 90 minutes. So, press pause, reset, then dive back.  

Find a Workplace Cohort 


Surround yourself with positivity - create an ideal work environment. Find someone on your team to talk with and express your emotions and offer support to. Don't bottle it up. A workplace buddy is in the trenches with you and is someone to share your workplace sentiment with, whether it may be the good, bad, or the ugly. Remember, you're not alone, everyone's in it together. 

Compartmentalize Work and Home Life 


Striking a healthy work-life balance begins with setting tangible boundaries. The moment the clock signals the end of your workday, switch off your professional persona completely. You're not designed to be in work-mode 24/7. While away from the hustle and bustle, consciously keep work out of your mind and devote your energies to rejuvenating self-care activities. This could range from engaging in fitness to pursuing hobbies or spending quality time with your loved ones. In this way, you effectively recharge and prepare for another fulfilling day. 

Identify the Sources of Stress at Work 


Often, stress at work is a by-product of poor communication or inefficient project management. Establish clear communication, one idea is to encourage team members to have agendas for their meetings so valuable time is not wasted. There are volumes of information available on how to increase project management efficiency. One example is to create a knowledge base, everything should be accessible and transparent for all. Remember, improvement is a journey, not a destination. Never settle, keep evolving. 

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