Breathe life into your daily routine with the invigorating power of music. Embrace the rhythm, and let it guide you to unexplored territories of your mind, much like the transformative blend of our ReCreate™ products that synergizes broad-spectrum CBD and functional botanicals. 


Reawaken your spirit by belting out your favorite tunes in the car or soaking in energetic beats of a lively Taylor Swift track. A recent analysis in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Network Open gives scientific credence to this concept. Much like regular exercise or maintaining an ideal weight, impactful music practices can significantly uplift your mental well-being. 


Unroll your yoga mat, sync breath and fluid movement or embark on your own Rich Mom Walk for some mild physical activity while creating space for your mind to wander. It’s all about weaving moments of ‘you-time’ into your day. 


Meld music's therapeutic abilities with traditional wellness practices for a comprehensive approach towards mental resilience. Evident in the rise in "mental component summary" scores—an index gauging perceived mental health—music can enhance your quality of life across varying health aspects. 


While further studies will decipher the reasons behind these mood-boosting effects, one thing's clear - the harmonious risk of playing an ABBA hit or dancing to Taylor Swift tunes poses no dangers if you ignore the minor inconvenience to your roommate! 


Feeling inspired? We curated a Chill playlist on Spotify to get you in a groove, which just might induce a positive outlook and some serene mental vibes. On your journey to becoming your best self, remember to keep living vibrantly, playing heartily and continuously recreating yourself.