The Official CBD of The PLL

Fueled by passion, PLL and ReCreate™ are dedicated to supporting mental and physical wellbeing for athletes and fans.

Why ReCreate™ & Premier Lacrosse League?

NSF Certified for Sport® products that players can trust with functional botanicals that provide robust support on and off the field.  


NSF Certified for Sport®

“Certified for Sport®” is the gold standard granted by the NSF—a venerable independent organization dedicated to health and safety.


What is CBD?

Find out why competitive and casual athletes use CBD to help ensure they’re aways ready to play. 


Does CBD Make You Sleepy?

Many people use CBD to help achieve good-quality sleep*, but is there a such thing as too much of a good thing?


Official CBD of MLB 

Independent third-party testing helps ensure that products are safe, clean, unadulterated, and ready for the big leagues.