See, feel, and think more completely. Organic broad-spectrum CBD + Lion’s Mane help support cognition*.

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Product Benefits:


Supports Focus* 


Supports Brain Health*


USDA Organic

Who it's for

For those looking for clearer focus and wanting to experience life the way it’s meant to be experienced. 

Deep Focus Fanatics

Put a laser focus on your cognitive health with 1200mg of Lion’s Mane + CBD to support memory and attention*.

Quality Nerds

Proprietary hemp genetics and ingredients from nature converge in a gummy that’s NSF Certified for Sport®.

Botanical Enthusiasts

Organic and functional ingredients work with the body to take you farther.

Benefits & ingredients

Intentional Formulas with science-backed botanicals for the needs of life. Our formulas are designed to make meaningful change in your day. 

Functional Botanicals

Lion’s Mane + Organic Hemp Extract + Yuzu Citrus Flavor in a botanical gummy designed to function for focus.*


1200mg of Lion’s Mane supports your brain, memory and cognitive health*.

Organic CBD

Proprietary broad-spectrum hemp genetics with a range of cannabinoids to help you see, feel, and think more completely. 

How to use

The most rewarding wellness routines start when you show up. Consistency is key. 

Step 1: Serving Size  

Two gummies provide you with an efficacious serving of functional ingredients. Adjust from there based on your personal needs, per label directions.

Step 2: Storage

Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.